Taking a musical to the fringe…

It’s August. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe has just begun, and I’m graduating from drama school in a few months. Despite warnings to be prepared for the failures that will undoubtedly present themselves to me over the next few years, I’m feeling as underprepared as Nigella Lawson trying to cook for a fiver. I’ve tried everything; […]

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King’s Wins London Student Drama Festival 2014

The closing evening of the 2nd edition of the London Student Drama Festival was a vibrant succession of short plays written and staged by students from Imperial, UCL, SOAS and King’s. The fact that only one university was going to be awarded the prize for the best play took nothing away from the informal and […]

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kernel panic

Adam Buxton’s Kernel Panic

Adam Buxton’s Kernel Panic was an impressive, well structured and fine-tuned display providing constant laughs and leaving the audience with a number of things to ponder as they file out of the intimate Duchess Theatre. The focal point of the show is Buxton’s Macbook Pro which is displayed proudly on a lectern at centre stage […]

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Photo: Johan Persson


Privacy is a new play by the nauseatingly young and talented James Graham, exploring Internet security; what our views are, how we manage it, how our governments manage it, who’s leaked what, and to whom… As an issue that it both astonishingly relevant as a wider talking point, and incredibly personal, the play’s arrival could […]

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Image: Royal Court


Simon Stephens’s new play speaks volumes about the flaws of the human psyche and of society, but its average execution means that much of its voice is lost in translation. Birdland, reportedly inspired by the Patti Smith song of the same name, centres on a troubled young rock star, Paul, who is nearing the end […]

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